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Battle with Flipkart and ESET–Day 3 (Flipkart ties itself in knots)


Before reading this, see Battle with Flipkart and ESET


Battle with Flipkart and ESET – Day 2

I got a phone call from Flipkart apologising for the inconvenience, but the executive said Flipkart would not be able to do anything as the offer was from ESET.

Flipkart offered two options:

1. I can keep the product, and Flipkart will credit Rs 100 to my account for the inconvenience caused, or

2. I can return the product and Flipkart will credit the entire amount to my account.

I opted for the second and decided to uninstall ESET.

But there was a surprise: When I checked my email later, I found the Flipkart had sent an email saying the second year subscription would get automatically activated after 12 days.

flipkart 1

I found that the email had come one hour before the phone call.

If this was the case, (which means the problem had been solved) why was Flipkart offering to refund the amount? I sent an email about it:


Flipkart’s reply was funny. Instead of acknowledging that the problem had been solved, and that there was no need for return of the product and refund, the insisted on picking up the product and offering a refund:


I wrote back asking why they were doing this.


Now, Flipkart has sent the usual reply asking for a day’s time.


So the wait continues…

Come back tomorrow for more updates on this issue.

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